Liquid Boot®   


Liquid Boot® Gas Vapor Barriers

Liquid Boot® is a cold, spray-applied, water-based membrane containing no VOCs, which provides a seamless, impermeable barrier against vapor intrusion into structures. Liquid Boot is sprayed-applied directly to penetrations, footings, grade beams, pile caps, etc., providing a fully-adhered gas vapor barrier system.

LIQUID BOOT - Spray applied Vapor Barrier

  • Quick installation accelerates construction time
  • Extensive physical and chemical property testing
  • Approved applicator network
  • Over 25 years of experience and thousands of successful membrane installations spanning millions of square feet
  • Technical representatives trained to provide you with custom details and specifications

BaseFabricTM and UltraShieldTM fabric layers consist of high-density polypropylene, non-woven geotextile that is resistant to ultraviolet degradation and to biological and chemical environments normally found in soils. Manufacturing Quality Control tests have been performed and are accredited by the Geosynthetic Accreditation Institute’s Laboratory Accreditation Program. BaseFabric provides a uniform substrate for spraying the Liquid Boot membrane to and the UltraShield provides protection to the membrane from rebar and other construction processes.


GeoVentTM Gas Venting System

GeoVentTM is a low profile pressure relief, trenchless collection and venting system (PRCVS) that has been successfully utilized at hundreds of installations. GeoVent has several advantages over a trenched installation and can be used as an "Active" or "Passive" venting system depending on the specific project. Combined with Liquid Boot Gas Vapor Membrane, GeoVent can alleviate the accumulation of vapors under the slab.

LIQUID BOOT GeoVent Vapor Barrier System

Liquid Boot Gas Vapor Barrier and the GeoVent Gas Venting System are the most widely known and used vapor intrusion mitigation system used today. Over 50 million square feet of Liquid Boot has been installed under hospitals, schools, libraries, high-rise commercial and residential buildings, single family housing developments, and major public works projects throughout the United States, Canada, and Asia. Liquid Boot is the global leader in cold-spray applied gas vapor membrane and venting technology. No other membrane technology has been tested as extensively as Liquid Boot or has the broad track record we pride ourselves in.



Liquid Boot is the industry standard in gas vapor membrane technology and is designed to eliminate vapor intrusion into structures built on Brownfields or any other contaminated sites, i.e. former landfills and manufacturing facilities, former dry cleaners and gas station sites, etc. Liquid Boot has superior chemical resistance properties and seals all vapor intrusion pathways, preventing contaminated soil vapors from penetrating the slab.

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