BENTOMAT products are the only GCL that offer Supergroove technology, a groove in the nonwoven fabric that allows the bentonite to migrate out and self-seam at the overlap. This feature eases the installation process by eliminating the need for supplemental bentonite. All BENTOMAT geosynthetic clay liners feature granular bentonite, which creates less dust during installation than powdered bentonite and is more likely to stay in place once deployed.  The high needlepunch density of BENTOMAT provides higher peak internal shear strengths, without relying on supplemental processing.

  • SupergrooveTM technology allows bentonite to migrate out and self-seam at the overlap
  • Granular bentonite creates less dust during installation and is less likely to shift during needlepunch reinforcement
  • Needlepunch reinforcements allows BENTOMAT to withstand shear stresses on steep slopes
  • Fully hydrated GCL has a permeability of 5 x 10-9 cm/sec, approximately 20 times lower than a typical CCL

CETCO GCLs provide hydraulic performance equivalent to one meter of compacted clay, with a total GCL thickness of less than 10mm. CETCO GCL's are self-sealing if punctured, and are manufactured in large rolls that require just a simple overlapped seam. Fast and easy to install, as well as being highly cost effective, CETCO GCL's provide a superior choice for both designers and contractors.


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