Liquid Boot® PLUS System


System Description

The Liquid Boot PLUS High-Performance Gas Vapor Barrier system is a combination of Liquid Boot spray-applied membrane and VI-20, a 20-mil, polyethylene-EVOH copolymer membrane. Like traditional Liquid Boot, the membrane is spray-applied to a uniform substrate, provided by the VI-20 high-performance geomembrane, bonding together to form a highly resistant protection barrier against gas vapor and nuisance water (non-hydrostatic conditions) migration.

Benefits of Utilizing the Liquid Boot® PLUS System

  • Robust barrier system provides added protection from migrating contaminants
  • Geomembrane provides high tensile strength and superior stress-crack resistance
  • EVOH barrier technology provides superior performance compared to HDPE
  • Ideal for applications with chlorinated solvents, BTEX and other PAHs

More About VI-20TM with EVOH Technology

VI-20 contains EVOH, a copolymer of Polyethylene (extrudes easily and improves bonding) and Polyvinyl Alcohol and Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (provides gas barrier). Major applications for EVOH are in automotive fuel systems to control emissions of hydrocarbons, which originated in the U.S. in response to mandates of VOC emissions reductions by the U.S. EPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB). CETCO is the first to pioneer the use of this high-performing technology in gas vapor mitigation systems.

Venting in Conjunction with a Gas Vapor Barrier System

Venting involves the placement of a venting layer below the building footprint to allow soil gas vapors to move laterally beyond the perimeter, alleviating the accumulation of volitile or explosive gases from beneath the structure. The Interstate Technology Regulatory Council (ITRC) states in their Vapor Intrusion Guidance Document that "in most situations, at least passive venting should be combined with passive barriers."


GeoVentTM Gas Venting System

GeoVentTM is a low-profile, trenchless gas collection and venting system designed to improve venting efficiency and reduce installation costs. GeoVent can be used as an “Active” or “Passive” venting system depending on the specific project. GeoVent™ can be used with Liquid Boot and Coreflex barrier systems. GeoVent allows for:

  • Placement in closer proximity to the gas vapor barrier allowing for more effective venting
  • Greater opening area per lineal foot of pipe and integral filter fabric allowing for higher ventilation efficiency
  • Installation at a higher elevation reducing susceptibility to inundation from perched groundwater that may accumulate beneath the building foundation
  • Flow characteristics that meet or exceed that of a typical trenched installation. The overall capacity of the system is far in excess of typical gas flux rates.
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