Dual Membrane Waterproofing Protection

Introduced back in 1987, Swelltite was the first bentonite waterproofing membrane designed for split-slab deck and plaza construction. Swelltite combines the natural waterproofing abilities of Volclay sodium bentonite with a high-strength geomembrane liner for tensile strength and puncture resistance.


Swelltite is a true advancement in waterproofing technology. Unlike other adhered membrane systems which require near-perfect installation, Swelltite’s active bentonite compound can expand to seal small installation imperfections or punctures in the membrane. Swelltite is manufactured at a factory controlled thickness of 90-mils (2.3 mm) assuring the specifier, contractor, and owner of consistent material application. This engineered composite consists of a white 12-mil (0.30 mm) polyethylene geomembrane liner and 78-mils (1.98 mm) of bentonite compound with a clear release film applied over the bentonite compound. Swelltite contains virtually zero VOC, can be installed in almost any weather condition to green concrete, and most importantly, has proven effective on thousands of projects for nearly 20 years.


Swelltite’s bentonite compound layer works by forming a dense, impervious waterproofing membrane upon hydration with water. But for the bentonite compound to activate, the water must first circumvent the polyethylene liner component, thus making Swelltite a true duel waterproofing membrane. The swelling action of the bentonite compound layer can seal small punctures and small concrete shrinkage cracks, a problem over which conventional adhered sheet membranes have no control.


Swelltite is easy to install. It can be applied in all weather conditions to green concrete with mechanical fasteners or a water-based adhesive. Swelltite is conveniently packaged in easy to handle 1-meter wide rolls that are simply installed with the edges overlapped and Seamtape applied. And the tough geomembrane liner eliminates the need for protection board for most installations.


Proven quality and ease of installation have made Swelltite a market leader in the waterproofing industry. Over 4.6 million square meters of Swelltite have been installed worldwide on projects such as airports, commercial offices, parking structures, and transportation tunnels.


  • Split-Slab Decks
  • Backfilled Walls
  • Tunnel Waterproofing
  • CMU Foundation Walls
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