Vapor Intrusion Mitigation


Protecting Indoor Air Quality 

Vapor intrusion has become a significant environmental issue for regulators, industry leaders, and concerned residents nationwide. CETCO offers four uniquely designed vapor mitigation systems developed to meet the needs of your Brownfield redevelopment project. These systems offer solutions for various site conditions, backed by an extensive track record and case history and are designed with the support of our experienced technical managers. CETCO offers innovative gas vapor mitigation systems that will reliably provide the protection from these potentially harmful vapors that could compromise overall indoor air quality.


Learn how CETCO's solutions are used in the following applications by clicking on the application images below. 


Systems for Mitigating Vapor Intrusion:



Benefits of Using CETCO Technologies

  • Each CETCO solution provides consistent, reliable results based on previous industry implementations
  • A simplified application process that alleviates installation time and labor costs
  • Extensive physical and chemical property testing
  • State-of-the-art research and development facility
  • Trained Liquid Boot and Coreflex installers nationwide
  • QA/QC procedures to ensure a properly installed membrane

Challenges that Exist with Other Barrier Systems

  • Capability of only handling lower levels of contamination
  • Inability to attach to critical vapor intrusion pathways such as penetrations, footings, grade beams and other
  • irregular surfaces where air-tight obstruction is crucial.
  • Reduced quality of materials used
  • Complexity of installation
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