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Drainage of water is a critical issue in the design and construction of a structure. Without proper drainage, hydrostatic pressure can result in water infiltrating the structure, or worse yet, cause structural damage. With below-grade structures, Aquadrain will collect and channel water away from the structure. For split-slab deck construction, Aquadrain provides an avenue for water to flow to drains at the level of the waterproofing membrane beneath the topping wearing surface. In cold climates, this subsurface deck drainage can reduce the risk of possible freeze thaw damage to the wearing surface.


Since 1987, millions of square feet of Aquadrain drainage composite have been specified by architects and engineers, and successfully installed on commercial and residential projects worldwide. CETCO offers several variations of state-of-the-art drainage composites to meet particular project requirements. Each product variation consists of a three-dimensional "dimple" formed polymeric core with consistent flow rates and a geotextile filter fabric to restrict the passage of soil.


When used with waterproofing, Aquadrain enhances the waterproofing system by draining water away and provides protection, especially during backfill.


Aquadrain: Advantages Over Aggregate Drainage

Sheet Drainage Offers The Following Advantages Over Aggregate:

  • Low Installed Cost - Combined installation and material cost is usually less than half that for stone and pipe drainage.

  • Predictable Performance - Uniform properties and application coverage provide predictable drainage performance.

  • Easy To Handle And Install - Lightweight, easy-to-handle prefabricated drain sheet is installed quickly. No heavy equipment or skilled laborers are required.

  • High Flow Capacity – Three-dimensional structure of core provides multiple channels for vertical and horizontal water flow.

  • No Clogging – Geotextile filter fabric permits high volume passage of water into the core while retaining soil particles.

  • Strong And Durable - Crush strength of core resists damage during installation and from soil pressures. High tear and puncture strength of fabric insures no damage during backfilling or use.

  • Reduces Drainage Space Requirements – Thin profile requires much less space than aggregate drainage.

  • Reduces Deadload Weight on Decks – Thin, light-weight composite weighs for less than aggregate drainage thus greatly decreasing deadload weight on decks.

  • Zero Lot Line Applications – Easy installation, thin profile, and uniform properties make it ideal for use on lagging walls.

  • Inexpensive to Transport and Store – Light-weight rolls are less expensive to transport and do not require large job site space for storage or staging.

  • Chemically Resistant - Both the core and geotextile are resistant to all naturally-occurring soil materials.

  • Simple Inspection - Easy visual inspection of material and installation is possible.

  • Direct Discharge Connection – Sheet drain can be directly connected to base drain collection and discharge system.


When Aquadrain is used with waterproofing, it enhances the waterproofing system by collecting and transporting water away, as well as, provides protection - especially during backfill.

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