Voltex can be installed under all reinforced concrete slabs, ground-bearing or suspended, in excess of 150mm thickness, on a prepared sub-base including lean mix concrete underblinding (to no more than a tamped or shovel-back finish), sand blinded type 1, or even clay heave ‘void forming’ systems, etc, and uniquely, can be applied no matter what the weather has to offer - rain, sleet, snow and any extremes of temperature. External corner laps and angle fillets, common with traditional ‘peel and stick’ systems, are also unnecessary (as well as undesirable). Due to the ‘peel-adhesion’ bond between the Voltex and the wet concrete it will remain in place after the formwork has been struck.

There are no requirements for primers, adhesives, lap tapes or even protection boards, allowing for speedy application (with rates up to 750m2 for two men in one day). No delays for follow on trades, and the ability to keep to impossible programs (a common groundwork’s nightmare). Reinforcement is placed directly on Voltex via standard concrete spacer blocks or bar type spacers. Normal ‘pre-pour’ preparation methods of compressed air and even jet washing are acceptable.

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