In Situ Treatment


Application Description

In situ stabilization is the process of treating material in place as to prevent contaminants leaching back into nearby water sources. Typically, in situ stabilization is a more sustainable method, contributing to carbon footprint reduction by improving construction properties, enabling reuse of stabilized material. In addition, treating contaminated sedimetns on-site alleviates off-site transportation and disposal concerns and conserves landfill capacity, replacement fill, and fuel used in transportation.

CETCO Provides

  • Organoclay® PM-199 based media may be mixed in situ to stabilize organic laden soils and semi-solids.
  • Organoclay® SS-199 is specially designed to improve hydraulic and leachability performance of pozzolanic mixes by adsorbing NAPL and dissolved low solubility organics
  • Sorbond® absorbents improve inorganic waste stabilization and solidification over wide pH ranges, and increase the ability to pass both Paint Filler Liquids Testing and Toxicity Characteristic Leach Procedure Tests. Sorbond media can be applied either ex-situ or in situ as a soil sealant or stabilizing agent.

CETCO's R&D Center Services

There are quite a number of tests used to determine chemical stabilization of wastes. Which test to apply is usually decided on a project specific basis. CETCO's world-class Research and Development Center can provide you with assistance on your specifc project by performing one or more of the following tests. Please contact CETCO so that we can help determine the right solution for your project.


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