Standard Reinforced Bentomat® GCL's


Bentomat ST

BENTOMAT ST is the most commonly specified GCL in the world, proving ideal for standard applications involving slopes up to 3H: 1V. BENTOMAT ST consists of a layer of VOLCLAY sodium bentonite encapsulated between woven and non-woven geotextiles, which are needle-punched together to provide internal reinforcement. The internal reinforcement minimizes clay shifting, thus allowing the GCL to maintain consistent low permeability and maximum performance under a wide variety of field conditions.

Bentomat DN

BENTOMAT DN is commonly used in some of the most demanding applications including canyon landfills in the western United States, where slopes are as steep as 1.5H: 1V. This GCL is reinforced and consists of a layer of VOLCLAY sodium bentonite between two heavier weight non-woven geotextiles, making this GCL suitable for applications requiring high internal and interface shear strength.


   Bentomat ST Technical Data
   Bentomat DN Technical Data




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