Remedial Polyurethane Injection Grout Waterproofing

Akwaseal LV polyurethane grout is a versatile remedial waterproofing product that stops water infiltration through concrete joints, cracks, and poorly consolidated areas. Akwaseal LV has been used to stop water infiltration in parking garages, tunnels, subways, and many office building basements. It is an extremely effective way to stop leaks into, or out of concrete structures, above and below grade. Akwaseal LV can be used to stop water infiltration in concrete walls, floors and ceilings, but is not recommended for sealing expansion joints.


The seal works in three ways. First, it forms a chemical bond to the concrete surface. Second, it forms a mechanical anchor into the fractures and irregular surface of the concrete. And third, through expansion, a compression seal is formed within the concrete joint, crack, or void. The elastomeric and flexible properties of the foam allow it to resist cracking or pulling apart and to stand up to freeze/thaw and wet/dry cycles.


Akwaseal LV is typically injected from the interior of the structure where the leaking concrete joint or crack can be easily accessed. For most applications, Akwaseal LV requires that injection holes be drilled into the concrete to a depth where the holes intersect the crack half the thickness of the concrete. Once the holes are drilled, mechanical injection ports are installed so that the grout can be injected under pressure. After the grout is injected, the injection ports are removed and the surface is patched with cementitious grout.


Akwaseal LV can even be used when water is still flowing through the crack. For cracks with a high flow rate or large void areas it may be necessary to temporarily dam up the surface with rags, oakum, or other material. Damming the area will decrease the rate of flow to allow the grout time to foam and bond to the interior surfaces of the crack.


The extremely low viscosity of the liquid grout and its quick expanding foam properties allow Akwaseal LV to be one of the most versatile concrete injection products on the market today. From hairline cracks to honeycomb concrete, Akwaseal LV is a reliable system that stops water infiltration.

  • Crack Repair
  • Penetrations
  • Structural Joints
  • Footing/Wall Joints
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