Thermoplastic Waterproofing Membrane with APC Technology

The CoreFlex system by CETCO offers Building Owners, Specifiers, and Contractors reliable waterproofing protection for below-grade foundations, plaza decks and greenroof applications. CoreFlex features a welded thermoplastic membrane with the industry’s heaviest reinforcement plus Active Polymer Core Technology that activates and seals a water breach– automatically and reliably.


Superior Waterproofing Performance

The Coreflex membrane features a thermoplastic membrane with heat welded seams integrally bonded to proprietary Active Polymer Core (APC) Technology layer that works together to ensure superior waterproofing protection for your project.


The superior water barrier performance starts with a thermoplastic membrane reinforced with a weft inserted polyester knit fabric and produced with DuPont’s Elvaloy KEE that exhibits exceptional puncture resistance, dimensional stability, and impressive tensile and tear strengths. CoreFlex's thermoplastic membrane is engineered to resist ground water contaminants typical of below-grade conditions and sets the industry standard for every kind of resistance - hydrostatic, oil, chemical, salt, and other contaminants. Plus, the membrane has an extremely low water vapor transmission that qualifies it as a Class “A” Vapor Retarder per ASTM E1745.


Dual Membrane Protection

If CoreFlex’s thermoplastic membrane component is ever punctured or damaged, the superior water barrier performance continues with an APC technology layer that is engineered to actively control water ingress by swelling to produce a reliable seal at the breach. To maximize the performance of the APC Technology, the layer is installed in direct contact with the concrete to be waterproofed, thus preventing water ingress into the structure. 


With CoreFlex, each membrane overlap seam utilizes both a conventional weld and an overlap assembly of the APC Technology to assure water-tightness. This combination of passive and active barrier technologies provides enhanced seam performance and eliminates the reliance of seam integrity strictly on installation labor.


  • Property Line Construction
  • Underslab
  • Plaza Deck Restoration
  • Greenroofs
  • Tunnel Waterproofing


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