In Situ Stabilization


Application Description

Solidification/stabilization (S/S) is a treatment appplication that is used to prevent or slow the release of hazardous constituents from waste or contaminated soil, sludge, and sediment. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers S/S to be an established treatment technology and has identified S/S treatment as Best Demonstrated Available Technology at more than 50 commonly produced industrial wastes (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act [RCRA]).


In-place (or in situ) treatment can be more  cost-effective and more protective of human health and the environment than traditional dig and haul remedies. In situ treatment minimizes excavation and the associated releases of volatiles. Putting excavated material on the road to a landfill poses additional hazards, disturbance, emissions, and inconvenience to the surrounding community.

CETCO Provides

CETCO provides treatment technologies that can be used alone or as an additive to cement-based stabilization processes. These technologies are mixed into waste or contaminated media such as soil, sludge, or sediment generated by industry to make the waste safe for land disposal. CETCO's technoogies can be used to treat a wide variety of contaminants including inorganics, such as heavy metals like lead and arsenic, and organic contaminants, like creosote and petroleum products. CETCO provides:

  • Organoclay® based medias may be mixed in situ to stabilize organic laden soils and semi-solids.
  • Organoclay® MRM, a specifically designed Mercury and Arsenic removal media, can be used in soil s/s applications as an additive to cement-based treatment.
  • Sorbond® absorbents improve inorganic waste stabilization and solidification over wide pH ranges, and increase the ability to pass both Paint Filler Liquids Testing and Toxicity Characteristic Leach Procedure Tests. Sorbond media can be applied either ex-situ or in situ as a soil sealant or stabilizing agent.
  • Quik-Solid® granular high performance super-absorbent media rapidly absorbs and retains large volumes of fresh aqueous matter. Therefore, this highly efficient absorbing material reduces

Typical Sites Utilizing CETCO Solidification/Stabilization Technologies

  • Superfund Sites -  EPA believes that treating waste and rendering it non-hazardous (rather than containing it) is generally the preferred method for achieving long-term protectiveness.
  • Former Wood Preserving Sites - S/S effectively treats common organic and inorganic hazardous constituents found in contaminated media at former wood preserving sites, such as creosote
  • Former MGP Site - S/S is increasingly being used at former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites since it can treat contaminated media while the media remains in place.


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