Sediment Remediation


One Project, Many Solutions

Project conditions may lead to a debate over which is the safest remedy for contaminated sediment remediation. The one factor that remains constant is that the remedy is going to vary from site to site. Depending on your site conditions, an ex-situ treatment method may be the answer. In other cases, an in situ treatment method may prove to be the most cost-effective and sustainable option. In Situ remedies can contribute to carbon footprint reduction. CETCO provides solutions for both ex-situ and in situ sediment remediation that enhance performance of the sediment cap and reduce overall thickness.


Learn how CETCO's solutions are used in the following applications by clicking on the application images below. 

Ex-Situ Treatment:

Dredging & Solids Dewatering           

In Situ Treatment:

Bulk & Active Capping    In Situ Stabilization 






Benefits of Utilizing CETCO Technologies

  • Reactive capping media available in either bulk or as a reactive mat allowing for wider variety of applications.
  • Combinations of reactive core materials allow for a wide range of treatable contaminants.
  • Adsorptive capacity reduces required cap thickness, thus increasing navigable depth when compared to traditional methods.
  • Composite layer stabilizes sediments, minimizing re-suspension and reducing downstream impact.
  • Consistent sheet size allows for highly accurate placement and maximum coverage.
  • Product properties insure verifiable coverage of sediments due to fully contained, defined mass per area of reactive material.
  • Reduces multi-step dredging process into fast, easily adjustable, consistent installation.
  • Reductions in volume of fill material needed combined with speed of installation offer significant economic benefit.
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