The Building Materials Group manufactures a variety of Volclay Waterproofing products. The product line includes VOLTEX®, WATERSTOP RX® , ULTRASEAL® and SWELLTITE®.


Volclay Waterproofing products are essentially ‘self-healing’ with the ability to seal minor cracks in concrete, and do not have the installation / workmanship problems associated with traditional ‘peel & stick’ membranes, which can so often lead to failure.


The Voltex membrane, an award-winning combination of the superior properties of bentonite coupled with the flexibility of polypropylene geotextiles, is rugged in construction and highly resistant to site damage. Voltex is unique in offering ‘automatic’ mechanical bonding to concrete, the elimination of water tracking, all-weather installation, and application to all types of rough and uneven property line surfaces, including diaphragm walls, contiguous / secant piling and steel sheet piling. Owing to its ease and speed of installation, Voltex offers significant savings when compared to traditional waterproofing systems. Volclay Waterproofing materials provide the world's leading Bentonite-Geotextile waterproofing system, with millions of square metres having been successfully installed worldwide over the past 35 years. CETCO’s commitment to innovation, quality products, service and technical support is formally recognized through Quality Certification in various national and international standards (including BBA Certification in line with BS 8102: 2009.) Our group representation currently extends to over sixty countries.

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