Waste Solidification


Meeting Waste Disposal Criteria

Super absorbent medias are currently being used to help solidify aqueous LLW and Mixed Waste generated by several DOE, DOD and commercial facilities. These products are primarily sodium based cross-linked polymers, which have a strong affinity for water. Super absorbent medias are capable of absorption ratios of up to 300:1 Absorption Under No Load (AUNL) with minimum free swell. Through a sorption mechanism, water is bound and converted into a high strength gel, which will retain its disposition throughout transportation and final disposal.


The use of CETCO's super absorbent medias over traditional absorbing agents allows generators of LLW and Mixed Wastes to significantly reduce their cost for disposal by minimizing the total volume.


Learn how CETCO's solutions are used in the following applications by clicking on the application images below.



Benefits of Utilizing CETCO Technologies

  • Individual product formulations optimized for wide pH ranges allow for increased compliance.
  • CETCO products’ strong ion exchange capability allow for the capture of many heavy metals.
  • High absorption capacities and fast absorption rates result in higher productivity
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