Back Filled Walls


Two application methods are available. The preferred method utilizes the ‘peel-adhesion’ properties of the Voltex (fibre encapsulation by the wet concrete), where the Voltex is nailed or stapled to the inside of the external formwork (generally, whilst the formwork is laying on the ground), eliminating the need for any post-fix application. Tie-bolt holes, where applicable, are repaired with a proprietary tie-hole sealer (non-shrink sand/cement based), followed by a Voltex patch.


Voltex can also be post-applied to concrete walls prior to backfilling, using CETCO’s ‘soft-washer’ fasteners (in conjunction with a powder-actuated system), allowing fast installation in all weather conditions, without primers, adhesives, or protection board. In both cases, the backfilling requirements are for a well-graded granular material that is compacted in 300mm layers, as work proceeds.

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