NSF® Certified Tanks & Reservoir Liners


Application Description

NSF approved impermeable liners offer a unique set of challenges when implementing potable water tank and reservoir projects. CETCO provides solutions to these issues through its unique and incomparable potable water liner system technology, which is tailored to each project’s specific needs. Potable water tank liners are NSF approved for installation on the inside walls and roofs of concrete tanks and reservoirs greater than 300,000 gallons and is easily applied to the interior support columns.

CETCO Provides

  • Liquid Boot®, which creates a seamless permeable barrier extending the life of potable water tanks and reservoirs.

Benefits of Utilizing CETCO Technologies

  • Each CETCO solution provides consistent, reliable results based on previous industry implementations
  • A simplified application process that alleviates installation time and labor costs and puts tanks and reservoirs back into operation faster
  • Water-based, non-toxic liner containing no VOCs
  • Trained Liquid Boot® installers nationwide
  • NSF certification for potable water applications greater than 300,000 gallons 

Problems that exist with traditional methods

  • Reduced quality of materials used
  • Complexity of installation
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