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Akwaswell is a single-component, caulk grade swelling paste for use as a waterstop in concrete construction joints. The special polyurethane-based product can swell up to 500% of its initial volume when hydrated by water. This swelling action creates a positive seal against the concrete in construction joints and stops the flow of water through the joint. Akwaswell is used primarily to seal rough concrete surfaces and is suitable for low to moderate hydostatic pressure conditions.


A bead of Akwaswell is typically applied to rough concrete or around irregular shaped mechanical and structural penetrations such as H-Piles to seal water infiltration. Other applications include typical cast-in-place concrete construction joints and new-to-existing concrete construction. Akwaswell is installed with a standard caulk gun and self-adheres to dry concrete and metal surfaces; no mechanical fastening or adhesives required. Additionally, Akwaswell can be used to adhere Akwastop waterstop gasket to rough concrete.


The key to Akwaswells’s effectiveness is its 500% swelling capacity when wetted and its plasticity to contour the surrounding surface. The hydrophilic agent is distributed throughout the product to provide consistent sealing performance along the entire installation. Akwaswell’s exceptional plasticity allows the product to fill voids and cracks in the concrete directly around it. Akwaswell has been successfully tested to withstand 115 feet (35 m) of hydrostatic pressure when properly installed in concrete joints and can be subjected to continuous or intermittent hydrostatic pressure.


Akwaswell enhances the performance of a sound external waterproofing system, by sealing the areas of highest probability through the concrete, and should therefore be implemented as part of an overall waterproofing design.


Akwaswell is not an expansion joint material and should not be used as such. A traditional expansion joint material must be used in expansion or any moving joint. A minimum of 2” (50 mm) of concrete cover must separate Akwaswell from the face of the concrete.

  • Rough concrete
  • around irregular shaped mechanical and structural penetrations such as H-Piles
  • Typical cast-in-place concrete construction joints
  • New-to-existing concrete construction
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