Reactive Core MatTM


Product Description

Reactive Core Mat (RCM) is a patented permeable composite mat consisting of reactive material(s) encapsulated in a non-woven core matrix bound between two geotextiles. The upper geotextile is a needle-punched, non-woven fabric that is heat-laminated to a matrix of nonwoven fibers needle-punched into a woven geotextile. Through its innovative processing, RCM can combine two active materials, if required.


RCM is for in situ subaqueous treatment of contaminated sediments or post-dredge residual sediments and provides a reactive material that treats contaminants which are carried by advective or diffusive flow. A reactive cap allows for thinner cap thickness than traditional sand caps. The geotextiles provide additional benefits, such as stability and physical isolation. RCM can also be used for embankment seepage control and groundwater remediation.

Reactive Core Mat
Reactive Media Contaminates
Activated Carbon
Heavy metals
PAHs, PCBs, organo-Hg
Organoclay MRM
PAHs, PCBs, Hg, As
* A variety of combined media can be made.


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