LLW / Radioactive Waste Solidification


Application Description

Once LLW and Mixed Waste are characterized and profiled for disposal at an approved disposal site, they are then shipped in bulk containersto their final destination. A common concern of transporters shipping this type of material is development of free water during shipment. Solids compression and condensation are two frequent contributors of unbound liquid in a sealed container. It is essential that no free liquid be present in the container upon arrival at the disposal facility, as shipments containing free liquid will not be accepted. Because of this “No Free Liquid” clause in their Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC), these facilities strongly encourage the use of absorbing agents to eliminate any free liquids that may develop in the container during transportation.


CETCO provides solutions that aid disposal of low-level/radioactive wastes into industrial landfills as specified by the U.S. EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). CETCO’s Sorbond® and Quik-Solid® technologies eliminate the presence of free-standing liquids and allow for wastes to pass Paint Filter Liquids Test (PFT) and Toxicity Characteristic Leach Procedure (TCLP).

CETCO Provides

  • Sorbond® absorbents improve inorganic waste stabilization and solidification over wide pH ranges, and increase the ability to pass both Paint Filler Liquids Testing and Toxicity Characteristic Leach Procedure Tests. Sorbond media can be applied either ex-situ or in-situ as a soil sealant or stabilizing agent.
  • Quik-Solid® granular high performance super-absorbent media rapidly absorbs and retains large volumes of fresh aqueous matter. Therefore, this highly efficient absorbing material reduces

Benefits of Utilizing CETCO Technologies

  • Immobilize and eliminate free liquid during storage, transportation and disposal of solids
  • Help solids comply with Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) of the fi nal waste disposal site
  • Minimize excess waste volume generated during absorptionIndividual product formulations optimized for wide pH ranges allow for increased compliance.
  • CETCO products’ strong ion exchange capability allow for the capture of many heavy metals.
  • High absorption capacities and fast absorption rates result in higher productivity due to time and inventory savings.
  • Traditional agents, such as fly ash, are not as efficient without CETCO additives thereby raising process costs. 

Problems that exist with traditional methods

  • Reduced performance in high and low pH lechates
  • Heavy metals can escape the solidification/stabilization process
  • Longer process times decrease productivity
  • Cost of materials
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