Engineered Barriers


Permeable and Impermeable Barriers

Horizontal and vertical remedial barriers offer a unique set of challenges when implementing environmental remediation projects. CETCO provides solutions to these issues through numerous remedial barrier technologies tailored to each project’s individual need. Remedial barriers can be described by either permeable or impermeable and vertical or horizontal. Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRBs) are typically used in groundwater treatment applications as an in situ method of remediation. Impermeable remedial barriers provide blocking mechanisms to prevent either surface or subsurface contaminant migration.


Vertical barriers typically consist of slurry walls, product collection trenches or permeable reactive barriers. Horizontal barriers are typically engineered to prevent surface contaminant migration or contact with the contaminated substances from above.


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Engineered Barriers:

PRB Walls     Slurry Walls     

CETCO Provides

  • Organoclay®, offered in both bulk and Reactive Core Mat®, creates a permeable barrier for removing contaminants from groundwater.
  • Reactive Core Mat® is designed to provide a method to line downstream product collection trenches, enabling active treatment of contaminated groundwater.
  • Sodium Bentonite, in bulk, provides an excellent impermeable barrier for slurry wall applications.
  • CETCO Geosynthetic Clay Liners can be used as a sub-surface engineered remedial barrier to isolate contaminated soil from contact and reduce infiltration of surface water. Also an option for Brownfield sites, GCLs are a cost-effective option for revitalizing commercial or residential properties.

Benefits of Utilizing CETCO Technologies

  • Each CETCO solution provides consistent, reliable results based on previous industry implementations.
  • Adsorptive capacity reduces barrier/trench thickness allowing for as much as 3/4 volume reduction leading to lower installation and labor costs.
  • Product properties insure stability in freeze/thaw cycles.
  • CETCO product range allows for multiple possible solutions including slurry walls, product collection trenches, PRBs, groundwater treatment, and engineered remedial barriers, therefore reducing the total number of suppliers.
  • Simple packaging enables rapid, consistent installation.
  • Reductions in volume of needed material combined with speed of installation offer significant economic benefit.

Challenges that exist with traditional methods

  • Inconsistent and unreliable results
  • Large amounts of soil displacement and disposal
  • Freeze-thaw cycles frequently cause cracking
  • Groundwater flow is interrupted
  • Complexity of installation
  • Cost of materials
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