Remedial Bentonite Waterproofing Grout

Bentogrout is an innovative, cost-effective remedial waterproofing system that stops water inflitration in existing concrete and masonry block foundations. For over 20 years, Bentogrout has been used to stop leaks in tunnels, subways, utility vaults, manholes, and many basements of residences and commercial office buildings. It is an extremely effective way to stop water infiltration in concrete walls, floors and ceilings, and can also be used with masonry block and irregular stone foundations.


Bentogrout is a high-solids grout consisting of a proprietary blend of bentonite and natural minerals formulated for sealing water leaks in existing below-grade structures. Bentogrout is pumped in a fluid state against the exterior of the structure where it sets up to a solid material, forming a high performance water barrier around the structure. No excavation or trenching is required. And since Bentogrout primarily consists of sodium bentonite, it is environmentally safe and will not degrade, thereby lasting the life of the structure.


Unlike many remedial waterproofing products that are applied as a surface treatment to the interior of the concrete wall, Bentogrout is applied to the exterior of the foundation wall where it stops the water before it can penetrate the structure and further corrode the reinforcing steel. The thick, low permeable Bentogrout membrane covers the exterior surface of the structure, filling voids in the adjacent soil and sealing small cracks in the concrete. Also, Bentogrout is a pliable material that has the ability to self-seal if the structure or soils continue to settle, and therefore its performance is not limited by subsequent hairline concrete cracking.


Because excavation is not required, installation is fast and easy. Simply mix Bentogrout with water and pump it against the exterior of the building. There it expands slightly and solidifies to form a waterproofing membrane. It can be pumped from above grade outside the structure without excavating or from the interior of the structure through drilled holes in the concrete.


  • Concrete and Masonry Foundation Walls
  • Under slabs
  • Unility Vaults
  • Manholes
  • Tunnels

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