Our Parent Company - AMCOL International

AMCOL International operates in 26 countries across 6 continents. Since the company began in 1927 our cornerstone has been the mining and processing of bentonite clay. The unique characteristics of this "mineral of a thousand uses" - includes its ability to swell to several times its original size when dried - have proven invaluable in a broad range of applications from facial cream to fine wine to cast metal parts for automobiles.


Today, we have successfully diversified our operations to encompass four business segments: Minerals and Materials, Environmental, Oilfield Services, and Transportation. With over 240 worldwide patents, we are proud of our history and innovation and look forward to continuing to provide our clients with cost-effective, sustainable technologies and services well into the future.




CETCO, a subsidiary of AMCOL International Corporation, delivers a complete range of services built around engineering support, technical assistance, custom fit solutions, and leadership in research and development. With the strength of these services, CETCO is well-positioned to provide responsive solutions on a global scale to environmental construction needs in the lining, remediation, drilling, waterproofing, roofing, and contracting markets.




AMCOL International Corp. is the world's largest producer of natural sodium bentonite clay.

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